Problem: Structural and civil engineers are under tremendous pressure these days. You're expected to do more with less - and do it faster - all while creating the same safe, budget-friendly, code-compliant designs you've always created.

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Spokane Riverfront Park redevelopment (2018)

So much pressure! Tighter budgets, shorter timelines, and ever-changing code requirements. Then clients asks for design changes at the same price! Structural Engineers are highly skilled, our work is exacting and we are liable for our mistakes. Competitive pressure and heavier workloads take their toll on highly technical, detailed work.

Where can I get relief? Work more? Hire help? Take on fewer projects? You are asking yourself "How do I increase my high quality engineering designs without overworking my team or losing profits by excess hiring?"

Your Solution: The Structural Engineering Library (SEL). The industry's most complete, well proven, widely used integrated system for creating daily structural engineering calculations.

Structural Engineering Library (demo download) carefully combines building code provisions, proven analysis techniques, and standard materials data into simple, elegant software that helps you quickly produce and analyze designs. It was specifically designed BY structural engineers FOR structural engineers with the goal of optimizing all your daily design tasks.

Why Structural Engineering Library? The Structural Engineering Library has a 35 year reputation as the tool of choice for engineers and architects who design low and mid-rise structures. Over time, it has become one of (if not the) most widely used structural engineering software package in the United States. It's a great value and is likely priced lower (per month) than your hourly billing rate. Review our tour video.

Now in its seventh major revision, the Structural Engineering Library is more capable, more flexible and easier to use than ever before - while supporting all of the latest building codes and design standards. Today's SEL was redesigned and rewritten from scratch to give a platform to build upon for another 25 years.

Take the next step If you design low to mid-rise projects, download a free demo to see how Structural Engineering Library can help.