Civil and Structural Engineers Academia

ENERCALC’s Structural Engineering Library provides structural engineers with a single source for the common design and analysis tasks common to all buildings.

From composite beams to retaining walls, your business will be more productive than you thought possible!

We believe that the simple calculations for elements of a building are the most common, repetitive and tedious calculations an engineer performs. This is evident in the multitude of spreadsheets most engineers have developed for their most routine calculations.

Imagine flying into a city. What you see is hundreds of square miles of small, low rise buildings, each needing a remodel or will be used as the site of a future new building. Do high rise buildings dominate the landscape? What you will see is that 99% of the land area is filled with low rise buildings needing simple, yet critically important, structural calculations.

You DO NOT need that very impressive 3-D frame program or fully integrated multi-level building design system for that 99% of building design. What you need is a tool to handle the detailed tasks of designing the small elements of these buildings.

Simply call up one of the dozens of modules and you can effortlessly enter your design data and watch as the calculations unfold before you in real-time.

With that clarified, what do we provide that will help you?

Our central concept is that of a fill-in-the-blanks "calcpad" style form. The current Structural Engineering Library gives you the best of 38 years of experience. Simply call up one of the dozens of modules and you can effortlessly enter your design data and watch as the calculations unfold before you. This interactive system is the best of both spreadsheet and programmed user interfaces. Please download the Evaluation Version for a complete usage experience.

Here are some highlights that set us apart

  • Project Calculation Manager oversees the construction of your set of calculations
  • The system uses the latest governing codes - including IBC 2018, CBC 2019, ASCE 7-16, ACI 318-14, ACI 530-13, TMS 402-16, AISC 360-16, and NDS 2018.
  • Complete on-line Windows help system documents the entire system
  • Built-In databases for steel and wood members AND timber stress databases (for manufactured & sawn lumber).
  • Extensive graphics for both design sketches and stress diagrams
  • System behavior is naturally efficient at performing sensitivity analysis and exploring "what if" design options.
  • Superb printouts with user-specified title block & logo, attractive font choices, and well organized details.
  • 38 year company history with thousands of users worldwide, including building review departments!
  • Automatic software update system using your Internet connection
  • Subscriptions assure you of continually receiving the latest software with Web Update and access to technical support.

Already used in thousands of offices nationwide, each purchase is backed by our money back guarantee. This shows just how confident we are that the Structural Engineering Library will be one of your most cost effective investments.