Plan Check

License Policy

The Plan Check License is intended only for professional engineers working for publicly funded agencies performing the tasks of reviewing submitted structural calculations. The license is not available to contract plan check organizations who work in a for-profit firm.

The license has a set expiration date (usually one year) at which time the software will stop functioning completely. License renewal reminder messages will be given to the user starting approximately 45 days prior to license expiration. Renewals for Plan Check licenses are issued by request only.

Technical assistance for Plan Check license is provided at no charge on a time-available basis. Support fees may be required and are subject to change.

Printouts from the Plan Check Version will have a background “watermark” stating it is a plan check license. These watermarks are designed to be clearly visible to prevent commercial usage but also blend into the background so as to make the printouts still easy to read.

Plan Check License may NOT BE USED to produce calculations that will be used as contract documents or calculations of record for any structural design. It may ONLY be used to perform mathematical calculations to assist in the plan check task.

Licensing policy is subject to change without notice.


Plan Check License may be offered to your governmental organization at a discount from our full license price.

Plan Check Version Request Form

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