A Project Approach

The Structural Engineering Library (SEL) has at its core the Project Manager, an ever-evolving layout that allows you to build a calculation document.

All engineering project contract documents have three parts : drawings, specifications and calculations. Our role is assisting you in two ways: preparing your engineering calculations and organizing your project documentation, which might ultimately include ENERCALC generated calculations, PDFs of hand calculations or calcs produced with other software, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and perhaps even scanned images such as sketches or site conditions.

The ENERCALC Project Manager wraps up all these separate documents into a single Project that can be managed and printed as your building department submittal.

We mentioned it is an ever-evolving environment. Presently we give you the ability to include ENERCALC calculations, Excel spreadsheets, scanned images and Adobe Acrobat PDF files. As the product matures other media formats can be added as we develop a module to attach the item to our Project Manager.

In addition to these abilities, the Project Manager has sections to let you keep track of the myriad data of a project…: client, site, building department, revisions, designer notes and more.

Simply scroll within the organized information of the Project Manager and click to access your document. Have a RISA frame analysis printout? Just print it to an Acrobat file and mark it as “external”. The RISA printout will become a part of your Project File and can be printed and attached to your final documentation.