Flexible Deployment and Licensing options

ENERCALC offers 2 deployment options for Structural Engineering Library: Installed on your computer and cloud-based usage.

Cloud-based Usage: No license management / activation is required when using our software in the cloud. We call this service ENERCALC SE Cloud.

Installed on your computer(s): When our software is installed on your computer(s), license management is handled by our Internet-based license server.

How does License Management work?

  • Internet Activation / License Management – Internet Activation (license management) allows you to share your maximum seat count easily between computers. The software can be installed on any computer and "Internet Activation" takes only seconds.

    Once activated on your computer, there is no need to "reactivate" every time you use it. We have users who have not changed their activations in years.

    It can be automatic for total flexibility, allowing any user to simply launch and end their session without knowing an activation is taking place. Our system is the ideal answer to flexible license management... leaving dongles / USB keys as a relic of the past. Only a simple Internet connection is needed (HTTP/HTTPS).

    Installation & Activation instructions for Internet activation users

We don't use machine specific licensing or inconvenient hardware devices like "dongles" or USB keys.


Academia & Government review agencies

Academic Licenses are available upon application by university professors. There is no limit to the number of students allowed to use the software. The software has a fixed expiration date. Click Here

Plan Check Licenses are available to governmental review agencies for use in verifying ENERCALC calculations which our clients submit. There is no limit to the number of licenses allowed to run, and the license expires one year after it is granted. A one-time technical support session is offered for installation assistance. Ongoing support is available for a fee. Click Here