Training Videos

In addition to the documentation supplied with the software we have an ever expanding series of informative videos available.

These are not Hollywood epics... they are narrated screen capture sessions by our staff in an easy to understand, informal style. Our goal is to give you easy visual instruction on many portions of the system to supplement the formal documentation. Please use the links below.

» VIDEO TOUR of the Structural Engineering Library

Resources & Technical Support

Installation & Activation

General Operation

Beam Analysis & Design

Column Analysis & Design

Foundation Analysis & Design

Frame Analysis & Design

  1. Intro & General
  2. Creating Model Geometry
  3. Establishing Boundary Restraints and Member End Conditions
  4. Defining and Assigning Materials and Sections
  5. Defining and Assigning Loads
  6. Working with Load Combinations
  7. Reviewing Analysis Results
  8. Establishing Steel Design Parameters
  9. Performing Steel Code Checks and Reviewing Design Results

Wall Analysis & Design

Loads & Forces

Miscellaneous Modules


External Items